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Re: Developer Behavior

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 02:34:39AM +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
| I don't think that unstable should be limited to Debian developers, but I 
| think that it should be restricted to discourage people who aren't reading 
| debian-devel.  What if we setup the servers to use a different random 
| password every month that was only announced on debian-devel?

Would you also remove that announcement from the archives?  Having a
password would cause extra hassle for those who want unstable, and if
the announcement is in the archives it solves nothing.

(just something to think about if this route is considered)

I like having a stable system anyways.  ;-)  (If I did run unstable it
wouldn't be in my main desktop machine)


PS.  Has anybody read some reviews on MS Windows Me?  I saw one in PC
Magazine.  A simplified summary is : it breaks much more than 95/98
did so don't bother with it (you can't even start programs from
autoexec.bat anymore,  probably includes loadlin.exe).  Recommending
Debian unstable to users who want Windows Me is proabaly a good idea
that includes a great advance in stability <wink>.

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