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xemacs/vm/mailcrypt problems


Today I tried to verify a gpg-signed message from myself, but it
doesn't work!  See below.  It worked earlier, but I don't remember if
xemacs has been upgraded since.

This is an up-to-date unstable system.  


Signaling: (invalid-function (macro . #<compiled-function nil "...(2)" [(and vm-mail-buffer (or (buffer-name vm-mail-buffer) (error "Folder buffer has been killed.")) (set-buffer vm-mail-buffer))] 1>))
  #<compiled-function nil "...(17)" [func mc-modes-alist major-mode mode-alist verify mc-verify-signature] 3 ("/usr/share/xemacs21/packages/lisp/mailcrypt/mc-toplev.elc" . -5486) nil>()

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