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Re: useful tools for packages--any comprehensive list?

>>>>> " " == Mikael Hedin <mikael.hedin@irf.se> writes:

     > Hi,
    >> from time to time people mentions some nifty tools (mostly
    >> scripts?)
     > to search for info about packages and similar.  Eg the citation
     > below.  Is there some list/collection/etc of such utilities?
     > Or for other usefull things like `apt-cache search <string>',
     > which can be found in the manuals but is a bit tricky to find?

     > I couldn't find an easy way to find the biggest packages
     > installed so I hacked a script, but I suppose lots of these
     > things are really done, just I can't find it.

s (sort) s (sort by size) [well, the interface has changed a bit, but
you can still sort by installed size or similar]


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