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rm to mp3, or rm,mp3 to .wav audio files

I have some .rm (real audio) files that I'd like to
convert to mp3's, and perhaps to .wav's as well as
mp3's I'd like to convert to .wav's (so as to make
plain old audio cd's to play in the car).  Since the
real audio files are closed source and there probably
isn't an open source player available I was wondering
how to do this.  It occurred to me that ANY mp3 or
real audio player would have to send the data to the
audio driver so it should be possible to write a
program that would act as a "Tee" to capture the data
stream going to the driver and write it out to a .wav
file. (To convert the .rm to .mp3's all you would need
would be the intermediate .wav file.)  It might be
necessary to hack the audio driver to do this (use the
open source drivers!).  Does anyone have any ideas on
this, or has it been done already?

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