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ITP: Rhythm Composer TK-707 (And suggestions for sound in debian)

Yes, I've been in a packaging mood lately :)

I'd like to have Tk707 packaged. Tk707 is a software clone of the
Roland TR-707 rhythm composer, a drum machine.

It is written in C and Tk and it uses the alsa sequencer. I am using
it together with the latest alsa modules and lib (compiled from source)
so I'd need someone who uses the alsa drivers provided in woody to help
me get dependencies right and test it.

I am also using timidity++ as an alsa server doing software wavetable
synthesis compiled from sources, the debian package was not compiled
with this option. It would be nice if we had this option enabled in
timidity++ or a timidity-alsa package. (I haven't checked to see if
this was done lately).

alsa + timidity makes it possible do create really good sounding music
without having an expensive sound card. Jazz++ can also use alsa and 
timidity.  If we had alsa, timidity and jazz++ into debian enabled to
work together we would provide an almost complete MIDI music composition

Someone tried to get jazz++ packaged (again) a while ago but I
have not seen it in unstable nor any news from the person trying to
do it...



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