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Re: ITP: Rhythm Composer TK-707 (And suggestions for sound in debian)

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 10:04:55AM -0200, Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:
> I'd like to have Tk707 packaged. Tk707 is a software clone of the
> Roland TR-707 rhythm composer, a drum machine.
> It is written in C and Tk and it uses the alsa sequencer. I am using
> it together with the latest alsa modules and lib (compiled from source)
> so I'd need someone who uses the alsa drivers provided in woody to help
> me get dependencies right and test it.

Great, but what's the license?

If this is free software I'll be all over it; I've been needing something
like this for a long time.  So I'm perfectly willing to help; just email me
privately when you have something ready.

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