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I am very sorry for the loud subject of my mail (I know it is bad
netiquette), but since I got no satisfying answer on my first mail
concerning "disappeared packages" and because the issue is important
I decided to try it again with shouting ;-).

Here is the problem:
Three packages (w3mir, webmin, and fancylogin) that were definitely
available in Debian main some time ago, and that are still present
in the BTS (all have outstanding bugs), COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED from
Debian. Any search with "Search Package Directories" on the Debian
website failed to produce a result: w3mir and webmin are neither in
unstable, nor in testing or stable. Fancylogin is reported to be in
unstable and there also is a package page, but the package is not 
found from the download page and is also not present in any of
the mirrors. I checked the wnpp pages, but none of these three packages
is reported as orphaned or withdrawn. What the hell is going on here?

There is a further weird package disappearance in unstable: all mgetty
packages (execept mgetty-doc) are gone! Hey, these are important packages.
Why am I the only one who seems to have noticed they are no longer here?
Why is there no information on the Debian website about the reasons for
their disappearance? By the way: The same applies to the package wmf (Web
Mail Folder).

Could please someone explain, or take care of these problems.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

Linux: Who needs GATES in a world without fences?

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