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Questions about testing


now that testing is in place I have several questions and remarks. Maybe
it would be great to put such a FAQ (I remember seeing a short one on DWN)
somewhere online with a link from the developers corner on the website.

1. What arches are required (supposing the package is arch: any) so that
   the package can go in testing ? Is arm required ?

2. I've got a package libdbd-mysql-perl which has been uploaded a month
   ago and it is still not recompiled for sparc and m68k... could we get
   something like an automated system so that developers can tell to our
   autobuilder which package they should try to build ? Could we have the
   same online report for all arches as we have for arm
   (http://buildd.armlinux.org), I find it very useful to try to look why
   the package didn't build ... (and what about the build farm, we're
   talking about it for so long ...)

3. How does testing behave with package released every 3 days with low
   priority ? Suppose that the package is bug free, and that it could
   directly go to testing ... will there also be a new package in testing
   every 3 days ? Or will it never be included in testing since the
   latest package never get 14 days of testing ?

4. How can I know precisely why my package has not been included in
   testing. I know update_excuse.html on ajt website ... but that's not
   enough. I want to know for example that my libdbd-pg-perl package is
   waiting on perl-5.6 (or on postgresql) to be integrated ...

5. Is there a plan to use the testing dist to "force" release goals. eg
   consider the switch to perl-5.6. We make an official announce  
   « perl-5.6 is the official perl for woody, developers you have 15 days to
   recompile everything with perl-5.6 ». After 15 days, we force the
   inclusion of perl-5.6 in testing (and the removal of perl-5.004 and
   perl-5.005) and let it remove packages that have not been updated.
   [ the same is possible for debian policy, remove all packages with old
   standard version, I know this has been discussed on another list, can
   someone give a short result of the discussion ? ]

That's it for now. :)

Happy new year !!!
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