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On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 01:06:18PM +0100, GBechly@gmx.de wrote:
> I am very sorry for the loud subject of my mail (I know it is bad
> netiquette), but since I got no satisfying answer on my first mail
> concerning "disappeared packages" and because the issue is important
> I decided to try it again with shouting ;-).

One deserves a <plonk> for doing that :p

> Fancylogin is reported to be in unstable and there also is a package page,
> but the package is not found from the download page and is also not
> present in any of the mirrors.

This is an often-seen problem with packages.d.o web pages: even when
packages are removed from the archive, their HTMLs stay, until manual
deletion. We oughta cook up a script to handle that, but nobody has bothered

However, we have a different problem right now: mirror on master.d.o is not
getting updated regularly due to lack of disk space on that particular
partition, and the packages.d.o web pages scripts generate the HTMLs
according to that mirror. So some links are outdated and will get more and
more outdated if this is not fixed. Admins have been informed already, but
this is hardly a season when everyone's alert and ready to fix stuff
instantly. :/ And then there's the Cabal issue, of course. ;) TINC. :)

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