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Re: testing to be implemented on ftp-master

Anthony Towns wrote:
> So, how will this actually work, since we have package pools? Basically,
> we'll end up with something like the following:
> 	stable:   potato
> 	testing:  woody
> 	unstable: sid

(Bah, and you had to do this while I was on vacation. I can feel a DWN
all-nighter coming on. :-)

One concern I have not seen raised in this thread yet is, what about
users who have been tracking woody by that name, not tracking "unstable"? 
such people, it would seem, are stuck with an unstable system, that does not 
seem to be upgrading daily anymore. They have to figure out they need to go 
s/woody/unstable/ in their sources.list. This may be worth an announcmenet of
some kind; I will certianly mention it in DWN.

(It's too late now, but I think it woiuld have been wiser to keep woody
in use as unstable, and introduce "sarge" as testing.)
see shy jo

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