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Re: lvm - I'll maintain it.


Russell Coker schrieb:
> The lvm package in woody does not work on the latest kernels.
> There is a 230 day old bug report about this.

> I believe that no-one uses this feature on old kernels so this
> makes the package unusable.

So I'm 'no-one' in the Homerian sense ... ;)

I use it on my home server for /var, /usr and /home on a 2.2.17
kernel. If you break it I'll come and break your box too! :)

I wanted to fix this for some time by creating a wrapper
(pvcreate, ... would be symlinks to the wrapper) that figures
out which protocol revision is used and launches the correct
tool. The tools are about 2M in size all together (one set),
thus there should probably be seperate packages for .8pre and
.8final, which slightly complicates matters.

I'm won't have time for this though until after I fixed up the
system-log-daemon config file handling stuff ...

> I want to package the latest version and create a set of boot
> floppy images that include support for it.

LVM support in boot floppys ... yummie! :)

ciao, 2ri
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