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Re: Run-levels (was Re: httpd servers do not conflict at each other (?))

Chad '^chewie' Walstrom wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 02:30:18AM -0500, Greg Stark wrote:
> > Personally I would prefer we go this extra mile and arrange for it
> > to be possible for multiple MTAs to be installed. It's very awkward
> > for them to conflict since it means I can't install a new MTA,
> > configure and test it before switching and removing the old one.
> > Instead I'm forced to have a period when no MTA works. I may not
> > actually know what MTA I want, I would prefer for example to
> > download postfix and play with it for days or weeks before turning
> > off exim.
> Very valid and wonderful point.
> > Being able to install packages but not actually have them active is
> > a general open problem in Debian currently.
> Thank you!  It is nice, sometimes, to be able to apt-get a package,
> have it automatically configured and activated.  At other times,
> however, all I want is the package to be installed and available for
> future use.  I don't always want to run apache with jserv or zope on
> my workstation.  I would rather run it when I plan on doing
> development work.  However, whenever apache, jserv, zope, or any other
> type of network service daemon is installed, the rc?.d links are
> always reinitialized.  I'm always doing update-rc.d -f <package>
> remove after each update.  Granted, this is not really a big deal, but
> it IS a bit annoying.
> So how about it?  Let's think about how we can truely promote a
> non-interactive, non-conflicting way of installing (but not
> necessarily running) service-oriented packages.

  it would be helpful if packages would ask during configuration if they
should be activated (in most cases that means started at boot time)

  another somewhat related config option would be for various
alternatives to ask if they should be the default one, I mean I
installed quite a few terminal emulators and now one random of them is
x-terminal-emulator (probably the one I installed last)

  add to that that it does not even support options used in debian menu,
which sucks because no programs that require text no longer work. that's
IMO quite a bug. (I know how to change it, that's not the point).

  anytime the package makes something a new default or starts a service
or something of that nature it should be configuration option, IMO.


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