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Re: RFC: new task-science package

On 09-Dec-00, 10:50 (CST), Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@master.debian.org> wrote: 
> One operational issue now is how we are going to get rid off the lingering
> task-science package if we decide to go with task-numerical-analysis
> (octave, yorick, ...) and task-data-analysis (r-base, pspp, xlispstat, 
> gretl, ...).  Plus maybe task-numerical-programming (fftw2, libgsl, lapack |
> blas | atlas2, ....) ?

Again, this seems like a lot of detail to inflict on a first time
user (who is supposedly who the task- packages are aimed at). I like
task-numerical-computing (or something) better than task-science, but
I would include both of what you're specifying as -numerical- and
-analysis- above. Then it's more likely that the package the user needs
is installed. 

The finer details (split numerical vs. analysis (statistical?),
development) could still be meta packages, but they shouldn't be task
packages (although the high level task package could certainly depend on


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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