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Re: NetBSD pkgsrc function

"Noka, Shigekazu" <noka@md.neweb.ne.jp> writes:

> "David N. Welton" wrote:

> > It's a neat idea, and it does have some cool aspects.  It's more
> > advanced than 'apt-get source ....' because it checks dependencies
> > (like we do for binary packages), and the system functions as a
> > tree - you can rebuild everything with 'make world'.

> So how about;
> - to establish debian-ports project
> - to setup mailing list of debian-ports project 
> - to announce debian-ports project establishment to both linux and
>   BSD world
> Any comments?

Yes - however people go about doing this, whether it be modifying apt,
or creating a ports system from scratch (I agree that the first is
better), they should *do it*, then create a bunch of lists and other
crap.  Software doesn't come from lists, but from people opening up
their emacsitors or viitors and actually hacking.

David N. Welton
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