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Record of application (Re: long term goals of debian membership)

I don't care who wish to re-apply or not. But I think some explanation
will be needed here.

BTW, debian-project list may be more appropriate, so Cc and Reply-To is set.

In <20001205111111.A3040@oz.net>,  on Tue, 5 Dec 2000 11:11:11 -0800,
    on Re: long term goals of debian membership,
 Bob Nielsen <nielsen@oz.net> wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 10:06:34PM +1100, Daniel Stone wrote:

> > I'll reply to this by simply saying - the NM queue is fucking annoying. I'm
> > in it right now. Sure, making it easier would suck arse, but making it
> > _SHORTER_ would be a Good Thing(tm). Long != Hard. Long == Annoying (and you
> > end up losing some of the good ones).
> > 
> > (Speaking as a disgruntled member of the queue who _still_ hasn't been
> > assigned an AM after >average days).

Everyone is volunteer.  Surely applicants are, but NMs and DAMs are
as well. No one can enforce them to work on a specific task.

As for me, I'm now working as one of AMs.  Some months ago, I had wanted
to speed up the process, so I once publicly sent a notification of
"on hold warning in advance".  Then I got accused that I was too hasty.
Since applicants are volunteers, AM should be generous when handling
the case where applicant won't send replies for weeks, and AM should keep
to wait enough.  OK, I don't have objection for it.  Now I keep waiting
the replies for more than weeks before I finaly decide to put the case on
hold.  Since then, I got several months to just wait on, and got some cases
to put them on hold as the result after just waiting in vain.

I truly want to get my applicants processed, and help them to get
registered and to start their work in Debian.  But it can not be
done without the activities from the applicant.  I think the first
three applicant I have processed are very active, and I expect all
of them made good active members in Debian.  I wish to have more
active working members in Debian.  This is the reason why I became
one of AM.  So I get frustrated in recent result.

But everyone is volunteers.  I can't blame my applicants on hold.
They have their life.  And I have my life as well.  I'll continue
my work as far as I can.  Some of my responses were/are/will be
delayed for various reasons.  It's the way of life.

> Hey, I applied over 18 months ago and still haven't officially heard
> anything since receiving an auto-reply from new-maintainer saying I
> would soon be contacted.

If you are not recorded in the queue of nm.debian.org, then you will
never be processed further without resending the application.

Unfortunately, some of old records can not be accessed.  I personally
recommend to resend application if anyone wish to apply oneself as a
Debian member and not recorded in the NM queue currently.

> Actually, I don't really care anymore (or I would have re-applied when
> the new system got going), but things don't look a lot better these
> days.  I have stayed with Debian because it is the best distribution,
> although I'm starting to think that it has become a lousy
> organizational model. I long ago found someone who was willing to take
> over the software I was planning to package and I certainly don't need
> a debian.org alias (I have more aliases than I can use as it is).

I think Debian needs more active working member because there are many
orphaned / unmaintained packages already, and tasks such as installers
(boot-floppies for potato/woody or debian-installer for later) needs
more contributers.

> I'm getting to be too old for all this ego stuff (I punched my first
> IBM cards in 1957) and figure I can still contribute by helping answer
> questions on debian-user (along with many others), which hopefully
> frees up more time for developers to insult each other on debian-devel.

It's your life, so it's you to decide what to do.  I agree that helping
answer questions on debian-user list is certainly a kind of contribution.

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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