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Re: long term goals of debian membership

>>"Glenn" == Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

 Glenn> To be honest im pretty amazed that my opinion is so unacceptable to
 Glenn> most.

	I am assuming facts not in evidence, but it seems to me that
 your experience in management, or even in large, complex projects, is
 somewhat limited as yet. You are idealizing the real world into a
 neat abstraction; I think people are merely pointing out the problems
 with that approach.

 Glenn> If each person is aware of their own limitations and
 Glenn> capabilities and works within them then more people should
 Glenn> result in a gain.

	Heh. This is a very, umm, naive, view of the world. You are
 ignoring human foibles like ego, ignorance, politics, ambition, bad
 judgment, etc. Moreever, the more ignorant a person is, the less
 likely is he to be aware of their own limitations.

 Glenn> Similarly if there are 60 workers with shovels wanting to dig a whole,
 Glenn> im sure they would realise that all of their shovels wont fit down the
 Glenn> hole at one time and the majority of them will either have of a rest
 Glenn> (leaning on the shovel relaxing watching the traffic cruise by), or
 Glenn> assist in other ways (one might hold the post thats to be put in).

	You mean that there is no value to management? Well, most
 likely no work shall get done, since no one would like to be not
 resting, or people would squabble over who gets tos show off first;
 there sall be complaints of malingering, (for those who always rest),
 there shall be a dozen people hanging about giving (conflicting)
 advice, there shall be the detractors critiquing the technique,
 pissing the workers off, then some one shall demonstrate how their
 technique is better, and there shall be a great big hassle about
 whose hole digging technique is better.

 Glenn> I honestly believe that every person is unique, and therefor
 Glenn> has something unique to offer in help.

	Uniqueness is not a good metric for quality.

 Glenn> Obviously not all helpers need to be members, but anyone who
 Glenn> does make a significant contribution to debian should have the
 Glenn> right to vote about debians future.

	No argument there (the operative word being contribution).

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