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Re: long term goals of debian membership

On Monday 04 December 2000 22:24, Ben Collins wrote:
> Obviously you think I have this vision that me being a developers is this
> "cool" thing that I want to keep from everyone else. Quite the contrary.
> As someone who puts a great deal of time into the project, it has become
> very personal for me. I want to make sure the Debian project is kept up to
> standards. When Debian first started, only actual developers were bold
> enough to even begin messing with it. Now, in this popular time of Linux,
> everyone wants to be a Debian developer just to wear the name tag. We need
> a way to keep the superficials out, while still allowing real honest to
> god volunteers in. Allowing "everyone" to get in, and shitcan them later
> is only going to make the administration harder, and get feelings hurt
> (give them something, then take it back). Plus you have things where
> people have been in the project for years and shouldn't get canned for a
> few months of innactivity. So it would be hard to justify canning anyone
> (currently you have to break some serious rules to get this).

When I am reading such sentences like above and below then I come out to the 
conlusion that some official Debian developers never were applicants, at 
least in their current life. They think probably they were born with the 
Social Contract in a left hand and with the DMUP in a right one.

Of course, please don't treat it as personal attacks but rather as my some 
applicant considerations which are completely unsubstantial for you.

> This is silly. Being a developer entails some form of responsibility, even
> if this is a volunteer effort. Not asking people to be responsible is
> stupid. Also, if people are really that interested in working within the
> Debian ranks, then they will be able to handle some time on the low end.
> Obviously when you start working at Red Cross, you aren't given the same
> responsbilities as a seasoned volunteer. You are also not given the same
> access to facilities and decision making. You have to work your way up,
> just like any organization. Like starting out in a company in the
> proverbial "mail room".


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