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Re: Woody Progress

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, John Galt wrote:
> > > > Wouldn't it be a good idea to set a definate freeze date now? That way,
> > > 
> > > Four words: Debian 1.0
> > 
> > ?
> > 
> There was no Debian 1.0--just before Debian went 1.0, a vendor jumped the
> gun and had CDs pressed before the release date.  That's why we have
> codenamed releases like bo, hamm, slink, potato, etc.  There will
> hopefully never be another definite freeze date, only release goals.

I'm seeing a difference in points here. I see no problem with a definite
FREEZE date, as opposed to a definite release date. the freeze is a mere
preparation for the release. The release date should not be determined,
but freeze dates should. That can only help developers.

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