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Re: sony vaio laptops

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert van der Meulen <rvdm@cistron.nl> writes:

    Ben> There are MAJOR problems with the N505 series and APM --
    Ben> after a suspend, sound and PCMCIA stop working. They're
    Ben> known, reported bugs with no known solutions.

    Robert> PCMCIA works on my machine, after a suspend. Sound didn't
    Robert> at first, but i suspend trough a script, and unload my
    Robert> sound drivers first (and reload them on resume). That has
    Robert> been working for ages now.

Which model do you have? My N505VE loses all PCMCIA capabilities after
an APM suspend -- sound enabled or not -- under kernel 2.2.x.

http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/BUGS says:

o On the Sony VAIO PCG-N505VE, after a suspend, no interrupts are
  delivered by the CardBus bridge until the system is rebooted.

  Prognosis: I've spent a lot of time trying to track this down, but
  I'm completely stumped.  The PCMCIA drivers appear to restore the
  state of the CardBus bridge correctly, and the PCI interrupt router
  is also configured properly.  But no interrupts get through.

It doesn't seem to have been fixed, as far as I can tell.


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