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sony vaio laptops

Hi guys. I've about had it with my Inspiron 3200 laptop; it's fixing to hit
the dust. Falling apart, literally. I'm looking into getting a new laptop
before I go to college, if I can raise the funds before that time comes
(next year). I've lately been interested in Sony's line of VAIO laptops.
Reason being, when I go to college, I want something that's extremely
portable - something that I can carry around campus easily in a backpack,
because I hate laptop cases. I need something that's powerful enough for
what I want it to do - in reality, the basics, and I like to play games like
Quake3 and Unreal as well.

When I saw the newer Vaio's, the Superslim Pro models, I was intrigued, and
looked into them. I played around on sony's website for awhile with the
configuration stuff, and liked what I saw. They're not *that* expensive for
a laptop - around $3500 for almost top configuration, which is what I'll
probably be getting. My Inspiron was $3400, and the best of the best
component configurations at the time. That was over two years ago though :).

Anyway, I obviously want to make sure the Vaios have good video graphics
capabilities and excellent linux support for all that is included with them.
The only personal drawbacks I have against the Vaio's (the superslim pro
model) is the fact that they don't have drive bays for dvd-rom/floppy drive,
and the fact that it only has a 12.1" screen. Mine has a 13.3" screen, good
grief. Does anyone have any good success stories installing/using linux
(debian specifically) on the Vaio's? Thanks. Oh, I'm on the list, so no need
to reply to me directly.

- webfreak

http://e.themes.org php developer

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