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Re: sawfish 0.33.1 broken?

>>>> "DB" == Daniel Burrows <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> writes:


>> I just want a simple method.

DB>   Huh?  You've lost me totally.  I mean..if a user wants to add entries to
DB> his/her menu, it's necessary to either:
DB>  (a) add them in .sawfishrc,
DB>  (b) create local Debian menu entries (I think in ~/.menu) and run
DB>    update-menus, or
DB>  (c) use the Gnome menus (ick)

Forget my previous message I've finally find how to do this.

Now Sawfish load Debian menu by default.

A user can load Gnome menu instead of Debian menu in the ~/.sawfishrc (this
is explained in README.Debian).

Sawfish now load Debian menu first in ~/sawfish and then in /etc/X11/sawfish

I've added debian menu entries for all the configuration options. I don't
know if this is really necessary because the Sawfish menu provide that and
the panel too. Some suggestions ?

I hope you are happy ?


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