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Re: esound and kernel 2.4

I have two test-10 boxes, one of which I recently upgraded.  My first box is a laptop.  It uses an ESS Maestro2E (PCI).  ESD works fine (in XMMS) for all of my songs except for one.  On my other box, I used to have a Creative Labs Legacy SB16 (ISA).  When I upgraded to test10, ESD sounded horrible.  During my upgrade, I moved from that to a Creative Labs something or other (onboard on my Gigabyte GA-7ZX).  It is also PCI.  After recompiling my kernel for it, XMMS worked perfectly except for messing up on that _same song_!  If anybody wants the song (for testing purposes), please notify me.  However, this excluded song is one of my favorites, so I just (like somebody already mentioned) set XMMS to output to /dev/dsp1...

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