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Need help with new X libs

I urgently need help from somebody here who's familiar with Xlib

The recent upgrade to XF4 seems to have introduced a slightly modified API
that causes aXe (an X editor that I'm maintaining) to no longer build. And
leaving the package as-is is not an option, because there are serious
malfunctions when aXe is run under the 4.0.1 X libs (one not-so-funny
malfunction being that in the File Load/Save window input field,
everything the user types comes out backwards; making it practically

The compile problem involves Xaw's AsciiSinkPart structure: apparently,
the 3.3.6 Xaw has a field called insertCursorOn which is missing in the
4.0.1 Xaw. This mysterious missing struct member is passed (by the aXe
code) as the second parameter to XGetGeometry, XCopyPlane, and maybe a few
other places. What I need to know is, what *does* this parameter do, and
how can I fix it so that it'll work with the new Xaw?

FYI, contacting the upstream author isn't an option either, since he has
stopped working on aXe a long time ago, and has no intentions of
continuing to maintain it. Plus, this *is* my favorite X editor, and I'm
not going to give up on it so easily! :-)

Thanks in advance for any pointers... RTFM responses are OK as long as you
tell me where the FM is :-)


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