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Re: Local distribution mirror plus "localization" site

On Thursday 09 November 2000 12:40, A.J. Rossini wrote:

> get permission), I don't quite know where to read up to setup a
> non-official debian apt-get'able site on the same mirror (i.e. using
> either different line in sources.list, or a "local" section on the
> same line) , and would appreciate pointers (I've looked at the docs in
> /usr/share/doc/apt, but...?)
To build a local mirror of packages that you have installed, you can use 
apt-move.  This tool only works for the official set of packages .   I'm 
still trying to figure out how to build a local mirror of unofficial packages 
that I've used apt-get or dselect to install.  In any event, to simplify the 
question for someone who might know the answer we're looking for...

If I have a set of .deb packages that aren't part of the official debian 
distribution, how can I get them into an apt-getable directory structure, 
complete with Packages.gz and Sources file?

Can someone point us in the right direction?  Please?

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