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Re: Driver detection and loading

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 03:00:40PM -0500, Robert Young wrote:
> > There are hardware autodetection packages out there. At least Corel, Stromix
> > and Progeny (chronological order :-)) have one. And they should be open
> > source too.
> > 
> > > To improve the situation i'm willing to help but i need some
> > > information about the Debian development process.
> > 
> > I wonder if these packages will go back into Debian proper or need an
> > additional Debian maintainer. Maybe the guys from Progeny and Stormix can
> > comment on this. Anyone here from Corel?
> 	Corel has created a modular detection system which detects system
> hardware by probing what the kernel has found and by looking for
> hardware itself. We are in the finishing stage and will be releasing it
> to the open source community shortly.
> 	In the meantime, please read the attached document for more
> information.

Progeny also has such a a program, designed to integrate nicely with an
existing Debian system.  I don't know the details of the Corel program,
but you can get discover from Progeny's archive now.  The package can be
uploaded to Debian if it'd be useful.  It does require minor mods to the
boot loader config (it uses an initrd) and to kernel-package as well if
it's going to be fully automagic.

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