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Re: new features in dpkg 1.7.1

Wichert Akkerman schrieb:
> It seems Daniel modified his buildd to build powerpc packages for woody
> now.  Basically what we need is one powerful machine for each
> architecture that can use chroots for the different distributions. At
> this moment we don't have that yet for all architectures.

>From Petr Cech's post it seems that what we need are an ARM and
a PPC build machine. I'd be willing to open an account here
(it seems swizerland is the right place for this ... ;), and
donate 200.- CHF (about 131.47 EUR or 113.25 USD (thanks
http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic)) for a PPC.

It think a Power Mac G4 would get us more bang for the buck than
a RS/6000. A Dual 450MHz PPC with 1MB cache each, 256MB RAM,
36GB U160 SCSI and some stuff we don't really need costs 3'549
USD in the US http://store.apple.com (phew, need one myself,
looks sweet ;).

Is there somebody who would administer and house this baby?
Who would donate money? (no point in doing all this if we end up
with 3000$ ...)

The next freeze won't last a year, not because of packages not
building on PPC!

ciao, 2ri
Die Freiheit zu haben ohne fremde Hilfe trotzdem alles falsch machen
zu können: Linux.

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