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Re: new features in dpkg 1.7.1

Previously Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> Wichert, I would like to use that feature more, especially i would like to
> avoid building my packages for different i386 distributions here, cause i
> dont have the capacity for different build environments. 

> Is it okay to upload my packages without binaries to i386
> stable/unstable.

Kind of depends on the architecture. Not all buildd setups process
proposed-updates, and not all architectures currently have buildd
setup for unstable. I think James has more information on the various
buildd setupts we have.

> How long is the dely until the auto build daemons will respond.

Depends on the architectures and amount of packages that need to be
build. It tends to range from 1 day after the source is installed to 2
weeks or so from my experience.

> Will i get a build message?

dinstall sends install messages to the debian-changes and
debian-devel-changes lists, those are the only message you will get.

> Can i request it?



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