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Re: Helix debian packages

* "Marcus" == Marcus Crafter <crafterm@dresdnerbank.de> wrote:


> On 20 Oct 2000, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

>> I hear "Helix is so much better than Debian's" - what is the
>> difference exactly? They use the same source.

Marcus> Well, I can't tell you what all the differences were - only
Marcus> that when I installed Helix, lots of things had changed in the
Marcus> area of the GNOME configuration tool (extra panels with more
Marcus> options),

Maybe Peter can say what these are, and why they are not in upstream

Marcus> sawmill which later became sawfish, gdm, gkt-themes, etc.

sawmill gdm, gtk-themes are all part of Debian. Where is the

If it is just some theme or look or such - Helix just provides some
config files. Most likely, this is not the case. If it were, one could
package their look and provide a script that would copy the config
into a users home.

Many are excited about Helix, but noone can tell why? I really like to

Let's start with a small thing like gdm. I use Debian's gdm. No
problems, and I don't miss anything. Why is Helix's gdm better than
the Debian one?

>> And no, I don't have time and resources to try out myself and to
>> clean up again afterwards.

Marcus> I didn't ask you to. :-)

I am just anticipating some responses :-)

Marcus> (Interestingly, I noticed www.gnome.org/start points users to
Marcus> Helix Gnome)
>> Not if you consider Miguel's position in Helixcode and GNOME.

Marcus> I'm unaware of Miguel's position (what is it ?), but I was
Marcus> just pointing out what I saw on gnome.org.

Miguel de Icaza, GNOME founder, Helix Code CTO (and original author of
mc and its maintainer up to now)


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