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Re: Bug Tags

On Oct 12, Brian May wrote:
> >>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:
>     Anthony> Actually, "stable" is implied by the state of the
>     Anthony> archive, the version of the package a bug is filed
>     Anthony> against, and (possibly) the version/s of the package that
>     Anthony> fix the bug. It's reasonably feasible to just make the
>     Anthony> BTS do all this inferring itself, and not need a separate
>     Anthony> release tag at all.
> You need to be able to tell if it has been fixed or not, in unstable.

A simpler approach: add a new state "fixed-in-unstable".  dinstall can
check the distributions line and decide whether to close the bug
outright (if uploaded to 'stable unstable') or just in unstable.
When a new stable is released, all fixed-in-unstable bugs are closed.

However, that doesn't deal with figuring out whether a bug only
affects unstable in the first place.  However, the BTS could
automatically figure this out if the Version pseudo-header is present
in the report and comparing it to the Packages files for stable (and
frozen).  We could then have a flag "affects-stable" (or
"affects-frozen") or something.

Chris Lawrence

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