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Re: Bug Tags

Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> Thanks to the tireless and heroic efforts of Adam Heath and yours truly
> (yes, you may applaud now, bouquets accepted also), the BTS should now
> support "Tags" for bugs.


> Each bug can have zero or more of a set of
> given tags. These tags are displayed in the list of bugs when you look
> at a package's page, and when you look at the full bug log. The current
> bug tags are:

> 	stable
> 		This bug affects the stable distribution in particular.
> 		This is only intended to be used for ease in identifying
> 		release critical bugs that affect the stable distribution.
> 		It'll be replaced eventually with something a little more
> 		flexible, probably.

This should really be a seperate field since it's completely orthogonal
to the other flags, and you should use codenames for the distributions.


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