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Re: ssh on unstable not working (plea for help :)

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 02:07:22PM +0200, Michael Moerz typed:
} On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
} > And if I connect with -4, then it's ok :
} > $ ssh -4 deenoo.no-ip.com
} > rhertzog@deenoo.no-ip.com's password:
} > 
} > Where's the problem ?
} >
} normaly that should work without -4. (see man-page) 

I think he's aware of that.  He was asking 'where's the problem' in 
the context of 'Why do I have to do this?'.

} > What kind of hack could I use since I have a CVS server (accessible by
} > ssh) on deenoo.no-ip.com and I want to use that name and not the one that
} > changes from time to time ...
} > 
} don't think that a hack would do that, something seems broken with ssh,
} that might be fixed to get the rid of that problem.

Or libc6.  But that's just my opinion, after seeing netstat segfault on 
name lookup of ipv6 addresses -- and in particular, ssh/sshd (OpenSSH on 
Debian) uses ipv6 by default.  

Either that, or ipv6 name lookup has changed a bit in the new libc6.

} Actually interesting would be what kind of ssh you are runnig (e.g.
} OpenSSH).

Everyone's been talking about OpenSSH here when they refer to the broken 
ssh.  (And the ssh package points to OpenSSH as well.)

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