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Re: ssh on unstable not working (plea for help :)


On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> [ Please cc me on reply ]
> And if I connect with -4, then it's ok :
> $ ssh -4 deenoo.no-ip.com
> rhertzog@deenoo.no-ip.com's password:
> Where's the problem ?
normaly that should work without -4. (see man-page) 

> What kind of hack could I use since I have a CVS server (accessible by
> ssh) on deenoo.no-ip.com and I want to use that name and not the one that
> changes from time to time ...
don't think that a hack would do that, something seems broken with ssh,
that might be fixed to get the rid of that problem.
Actually interesting would be what kind of ssh you are runnig (e.g.

kind regards,
Michael Moerz

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