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Re: ssh on unstable not working (plea for help :)

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Le Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 01:03:05AM -0400, brent@rcfile.org écrivait:
> | basically, my resolver works properly, for IPv4. 
> | sshconnect.c:ssh_connect() is failing a call to getaddrinfo()
> FWIW, running sshd? with the '-4' switch makes all well.

I've got another funny problem related to that. One of my personal
machine is connected by cable and I've registered a name with
a dyndns service (no-ip.com).

Now when I connect through deenoo.no-ip.com I get :
$ ssh deenoo.no-ip.com
ssh: deenoo.no-ip.com: Temporary failure in name resolution

However when I connect with the real name (the one I get with reverse
DNS), everything is ok :
$ host deenoo.no-ip.com
deenoo.no-ip.com    	A
$ host
Name: cm100-3.evhr.net
$ ssh cm100-3.evhr.net
rhertzog@cm100-3.evhr.net's password: 

And if I connect with -4, then it's ok :
$ ssh -4 deenoo.no-ip.com
rhertzog@deenoo.no-ip.com's password:

Where's the problem ?

What kind of hack could I use since I have a CVS server (accessible by
ssh) on deenoo.no-ip.com and I want to use that name and not the one that
changes from time to time ...

$ export CVS_RSH="ssh -4" 
doesn't work ...

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