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Re: I broke it - again.


On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 12:41:49PM -0500, An Thi-Nguyen Le wrote:
> Yes, but when you get into Weird Situations (as you typically will from 
> time to time with *unstable*, it's *unstable* for a reason :)) you need 
> to do research, poke around, etc.  If you aren't prepared to do this it's 
> unwise to go poking around unstable, imho.
yeah, I also state it's unwise to use unstable in that case.
But anyway helping someone to resolve the issue and pointing him out on that
might be a good idea.
> } Even pointing out to the force option is
> } in this situation very unwise. That leaves some newbie in the situation to
> } cope with a broken system when he doesn't start downgrading with ld.so.
> I meant to use force to get the ldso package to install in the first 
> place.  I didn't mean "use it ever afterwards", and force (despite 
> it's inherent dangerousness) won't break your system if you know what 
> you're doing.
mmm, that didn't look so clear. Perhaps a few more words would have made this thread explode with such trival conversation. Anyway it somehow seems to me that we are talking all time about different things. I mean we have a grave misunderstanding here between us. 
> That's kind of around and about the center issue.  
that I don't understand, really I don't have any idea what you are meaning by that.
> } But do you think the creators of the whole packaging system suppose you to
> } manually upgrade/downgrade everything? I should normally work without much
> } user-interference.
> It's *unstable*.  It's **unstable**.   It's UNSTABLE.  
> We're talking about one situation where things broke down.  In an 
> unstable, pretty dang near experimental (if not already so) distribution.
unstable is unstable, only experienced people should run UNSTABLE. 
experimental is experimental, only hard core people or ill minded people will take this.
I am complete your opinion that things are allowed to break. If someone feels the way of using unstable it's completely left over to him to repair things when
something breaks. In some situations even the experienced people have to cope
with problems they have never seen before. Then they might ask somebody else. So I see nothing illegal about asking questions at all.
Newbies to unstable might give it a try, but they may face a unrecoverable situation. The point is that this group of people seems to grow cause they wanna use the most recently software. What follows is *sigh* that they do not read this or other mailing-lists and end up in situations that are everything else than good.
I have been using unstable for over a year now, currently I am in the progress of becoming a debian-maintainer and I think that I can master debian. Of course sometimes I find *new* features that have been there a long time but I wasn't aware of them. 
Normally I tend to be able to fix problems without help. I mean I try as long as it takes me to make it work, but yes there are people who shoot around with question even before they face a problem.
What results now is that I will NOT answere any issues here anymore. Neither if they are easy to resolve or not. I was tired, tried my best and surely was not realy coping good with the situation. I already apologiezed for my behaviour and I do now again. If you feel better now, I will not.

kind regards,
Michael Moerz

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