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ITP: PIPS (Photo Image Print System for Linux)

Yoshiaki Yanagihara wrote:
 > I intent to package PIPS (Photo Image Print System for Linux).
 > PIPS is the filter for ghostscript(GS).
 > It supports EPSON PM-760C/770C/800C/3300C Printers.
 > License: non-free (We can redistribute the binary, but source code is not free).

I couldn't understand the license very well, but I don't think we can
redistribute the binary.  It would be good we ask the vendor
explicitly and confirm it is OK for them.  In the licence, it only
allows the distribution to "third parties" or "a third party", which
is quite ambiguous.  If I understand the word correctly, "third party"
is not users nor venders.

Besides, just my feeling, isn't it a "free-ride" of Ghostscript system
or Debian GNU/Linux system?  I don't see any reason to support such
software or printers.

Further, the lincense seems to be a kind of contradiction:

 > COPYRIGHT.  All copyrights in and to this software are reserved by 
 > EPSON KOWA CORPORATION and its licensees.  You may freely use, copy, 
 > modify or distribute this software to third parties under the 
 > following agreements.
 > 2. For the source code of the software not open to the public, you 
 >    shall not decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer its object 
 >    code.

How we can modify the code without source code, and being prohibited
to decompile/disassemble or reverse endineer?

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