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Re: ITP: PIPS (Photo Image Print System for Linux)

gniibe@chroot.org (NIIBE Yutaka) writes:
> Further, the lincense seems to be a kind of contradiction:
>  > COPYRIGHT.  All copyrights in and to this software are reserved by 
>  > EPSON KOWA CORPORATION and its licensees.  You may freely use, copy, 
>  > modify or distribute this software to third parties under the 
>  > following agreements.
> [...]
>  > 2. For the source code of the software not open to the public, you 
>  >    shall not decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer its object 
>  >    code.
> How we can modify the code without source code, and being prohibited
> to decompile/disassemble or reverse endineer?

I think what it's saying is "For the source code of the software open to
the public, we'll tell you what to do later.  For the bits that are NOT
open to the public (presumably provided in binary or object form), you
cannot reverse-engineer its object code, decompile, etc."  Not quite the
same thing, but still questionable whether it's DFSG free.

I've CC:ed debian-legal on this, since they might actually know something 
about this, unlike me.

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