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ITP: PIPS (Photo Image Print System for Linux)

I intent to package PIPS (Photo Image Print System for Linux).

PIPS is the filter for ghostscript(GS).
It supports EPSON PM-760C/770C/800C/3300C Printers.

License: non-free (We can redistribute the binary, but source code is not free).


COPYRIGHT.  All copyrights in and to this software are reserved by 
EPSON KOWA CORPORATION and its licensees.  You may freely use, copy, 
modify or distribute this software to third parties under the 
following agreements.

1. For the source code of the software not open to the public, you 
   shall treat its object code as confidential information of EPSON 

2. For the source code of the software not open to the public, you 
   shall not decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer its object 

3. Since it is not warranted that the software will always do its 
   entire performance and that you can always complete all the 
   purposes of the software, you shall use the software on your own 
   entire responsibility.

4. Since the software is provided free of charge, EPSON KOWA 
   CORPORATION will take no responsibility for any direct, indirect 
   or incidental damages, or damages to data, programs and other 
   intangible property, or loss of profit that are incurred to you 
   through use or inability of use of the software.

5. You may distribute the software or modified one to a third party 
   provided that the said third party agrees to the same terms and 
   conditions of this Agreement.

6. The software is suitable to the following printers.
      EPSON Ink Jet Printer PM-760C
      EPSON Ink Jet Printer PM-770C
      EPSON Ink Jet Printer PM-800C
      EPSON Ink Jet Printer PM-820C
      EPSON Ink Jet Printer PM-3300C

  やなぎはら よしあき
      (Yanagihara Yoshiaki)
  E-mail: yochi@debian.org

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