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Re: Quota problem

> The quotas generated during installation time are not precise anyway, no
> matter if I do this in the background or not.
I wasn't aware of that, how does this happen?

> It does not have to be that huge. When you have many users with a lot of
> small files the check will last very long.
yeah, I have to admit I didn't take that fact into conclusion. But becoming quicker would mean to perhaps rewrite the fs. I don't think that someone would like to end up rewriting that. I don't know how much a log-structured filesystem would help in that topic, but I would say when it supports quotas, it should mean that only changed files have to be recalculated. this would lead to a rather phantastic improvement in the mentioned case. 
> > I think the only way to cope with that would result in rewriting the
> > quota-utilities. 
> I'm afraid yes. It needs some sort of locking.
locking would not be enough, I mean changes that take place when we calculate quotas will have to be catched somehow. My personal opinion is that this is not only a problem of quota utilities. Without any support for that in the fs only awkward sollutions can be made.

kind regards,
Michael Moerz

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