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Re: NMU's for glibc 2.1.94

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> No it isn't. Nothing changed in libdb2, glibc changed and removed *it's*
> version of db2. After that I tried symlinking that soname (libdb.so.[23])
> to libdb2.so.2. That was the wrong thing to do. API wise, these are the
> same library, but programs that linked to glibc's version (libdb.so.[23])
> had some versioned symbols. This is specific to glibc, not db2. The bug
> was self created.

Oh, I think understand.  Let me try and restate it in my own words.
We essentially replaced glibc's db2 with the libdb2 for the
libdb.so.[23] sonames, but libdb2 is simply a different interface and
not actually a suitable drop-in replacement for glibc's db2.  

Is that right?  If so, what exactly is the fix?  It seems like we
should continue to try and have a libdb.so.[23] file that works.

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