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Re: NMU's for glibc 2.1.94

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> However, somethings in glibc's OLD db libs were versioned symbols. Well,
> libdb2 does not use symbol versioning, and thus it breaks. Most of the
> symbols in glibc's old db libraries were not versioned. So not everything
> needs to be recompiled.
> I repeat, this is not a bug in the libc, it is a problem we have to deal
> with because libdb2 is not compatible with the old glibc db libs we used
> so much.

Right, but it *is* a bug in libdb2.

So why not fix the bug in libdb2, or give it a new soname instead,
since it is not properly compatible with the old libdb2?

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