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debian-devel.lists.debian.org@marc-haber.de (Marc Haber) writes:


> >I'm working on that, but I'm totally stuck in the new maintainer queue
> >(3 months or so) so probably it will never come into the official
> >distribution. 
> It will eventually happen. I just was assigned my third (!) AM.

So there seems to be hope. 

> >> >(b) It only works with Maildir mailboxes (not mail spools or any other
> >> >    storage format)
> >> 
> >> That's a serious drawback, though.
> >
> >Why ?
> Because there are some programs that can't operate on a maildir. Thus,
> there will be quite some users who can't use that software because
> they need traditional mailboxes.

Can you name some examples ? 


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