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Re: Unstripped binaries, stripped at installation time?

>>>>> "Federico" == Federico Di Gregorio <fog@mixadlive.com> writes:

    Federico> if you're using unstable, you ought to be a developer and you are
    Federico> *not* using a production machine, with all your sensitive data on
    Federico> it to do developement, aren't you?

 I've no money and cannot afford that.  I've my main machine with
 about 20Gb drive space, and a second machine with rack mount drives.
 I've several spare drives for that one.

 The rack machine was sent to me as a gift by a donor who earns money
 using Debian, and was used for `Potato' installer testing, since I
 was assisting with the `boot-floppies' development.  It's got to be
 rebooted a lot.

 I need a third machine to do what you describe...  It would be good
 to have a machine acting as a file server, and yet another small one
 as a firewall.  I've a motherboard for that, but it lacks a CPU
 (Pentium < 200MHz), RAM (EDO), and case.  I've got enough LAN cards.

 I also need a new laptop... the one I have is showing its age.  It's
 slow due to constant paging and the dim and cheap DSTN display on it
 is only 800x600.  I'm broke and no work in sight; books to read etc;
 the larder is stocked; they give me food stamps here (Oregon Trail).
 Nice of them. (Food, Shelter, Source code, and all that.)  It would
 be really cool to have a 1024x768 display, more RAM, and faster
 processor, etc.  Longer battery life would rock!  This one doesn't
 seem to read out the actual charge right anymore.

Smarter than a phoo phish am I, soon freed when be I weird.  Hight
karlheg, hailing from deB.ORG, am I.  Freed will you be.
mailto:karlheg@debian.org (Karl M. Hegbloom)

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