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Re: Unstripped binaries, stripped at installation time?

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Karl M. Hegbloom's letter:
>  That relies on trusting the maintainer.  I hear scuttlebutt about
>  that their could be a rogue maintainer who "hacks" backdoors into
>  stuff, or writes a self-modifying postinst script that does things
>  it's not supposed to.

taht's right. but such a maintainer will be kicked out of debian
as fast as the first developer install the malevolous package.

>  An often asked question is then "What could I do if I upgraded Debian
>  and a rogue maintainer script or trojan horse wiped out my junk mail
>  database?"

if you are using stable you'll never hit such a problem. some
hundreds of developers have already tested the package for you ;)

if you're using unstable, you ought to be a developer and you are
*not* using a production machine, with all your sensitive data on
it to do developement, aren't you?


Federico Di Gregorio
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