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Unstripped binaries, stripped at installation time?

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 Wouldn't it be better, to ease debugging, to ship unstripped `-ggdb'
 compiled binaries, with a local option to strip them at install time?

 I'd like to get a useable backtrace sometimes, (ie: it's too
 complicated for my limited skills; I cannot debug it anyway, but
 upstream can glean usable information from the stack dump) without
 having to go through the trouble of building from source.  Some folks
 would like to save the disk space, instead, and will just turn off
 core dumps.

 If this is done, then there must be a way to specify certain binaries
 that should not ever be stripped (eg: the emacsen, since they are

 This could also afford some protection against malicious
 patch-hacking, where an evil devel runs an outer-build setup that
 performs a sneaky patch, build, unpatch, dpkg-deb, dpkg-source
 routine, to ship a binary with backdoor codes that appears clean when
 the source package is examined.  If the debugging symbols are in the
 system.tar.gz inside the binary .deb, perhaps a way to check and make
 sure that kind of hanky-panky is not occuring could be devised.

 What do yous think?

 How do you auto-detect a self-editting shell script?

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