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Do NOT install latest ldso!

Just a quick note. I did not get libc6 2.1.94-2 installed today like I
planned because i was building NMU's of other packages. However, the new
ldso has been installed. I forgot to wart the maintainer that -1 did not
include ldd, and it wouldn't be there till -2.

So, now ldso does not include ldconfig nor ldd, and libc6 is supposed to.
If you upgrade to the latest ldso after today's mirror, you will be
missing ldd. It wont break your system, but you wont be able to build
Debian packages (since dpkg-shlibdeps uses ldd).

David, can you please upload a new version that depends on libc6 (>=

Also, now that ldd and ldconfig are from glibc, I want to move to make
ldso non-essential, and only have it pulled in by a dep from libc5. Other
than ld.so for libc5, the ldso package is no longer needed on a base system.


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