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Re: Problem w/ console-apt installing from CD-ROM

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 06:46:24PM +0000, "W. Borgert" <debacle@knorke.in-berlin.de> was heard to say:
> when I try to install a package from CD-ROM using the
> console-apt ( I get the following error
> message:
> Package manager (dpkg) failed:
>   * Internal Error, Pathname to install is not absolute 'package_version_i386.deb'
> Press enter to continue ...
> When I use apt-get install package everything works fine.
> What do I wrong here?  Or is it a bug in console-apt?

  This is a bug in console-apt which should be trivial to fix.  In fact,
it may even be fixed in woody (I don't know)  It's identical to a bug I fixed
about a week ago in aptitude; see http://bugs.debian.org/71091 for more info.
(the bug is still open because the fixed version isn't uploaded to woody yet)

  In short, here's what I wrote in the last message on that report.

  I fixed this.  It turned out that the problem was simple -- I was testing
whether FetchNeeded was greater than 0 before performing the download, and
skipping it if it was not.  Unfortunately, this caused the observed problem
with local files.  Since this test is pretty useless, I removed it to fix the
problem.  Thanks to everyone who helped track this down, especially Jason
for analyzing a massive strace.

  -- ie, I was abusing libapt.


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