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Re: Debian in Yugoslavia

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 11:31:57AM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
|I'm sure it is, but international shipping will not be that expensive
|for a 6-CD set, so you can order from (for example) a UK or US distributor.

I am sure there will be no problem to ship 6 CD-s from Bulgaria,
Croatia or Romania. The good bulgarian mirror is
ftp://ftp.bg.debian.org and I am sure there are many others nearby.

There is a company in Bulgaria, which is producing CDs and can send
them to you, but I forgot their address.

If the person who was asking is interested in this, I can ask in
Bulgarian linux mail list.

He may also want to contact Anton Zinoviev
http://lml.bas.bg/~anton/linux/ about cyrillic and possibly coordinate
with him his efforts. It is possible Anton will be able to sell and
post him the CD-s.


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