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Debian in Yugoslavia

HI will like to help by developing site and support for Debian Distributions
in Serbo-Croatian Language, my people will design the site and maintain
with consult of Debian.
What do we need:
-web space
-one original Debian Distribution
What are you getting for this:
-Domain registration in Yugoslavia http:\\www.debian.org.yu
-design an maintenance of site in Debian-Yugoslavia, with consulting of
Debian Company
-any translations English->Serbo-Croatian language for Debian Company
-in a future maybe we can be resellers of Linux Debian distr inYugoslavia

I hope we start working  with you.
We are small and young company but we like LinuX.

Tanovich Branko - General Menager of Hermes co.
Phone number :+381638030057
Address: Sare Bernar 18/13,Belgrade
postal code:11000

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