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Re: Debian in Yugoslavia

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 11:31:58AM +0200, Tanovic Branko wrote:
> HI will like to help by developing site and support for Debian Distributions
> in Serbo-Croatian Language, my people will design the site and maintain
> with consult of Debian.

I hope you understand Debian is a volunteer organisation, and that therefore
we don't enter into commercial deals, as such.

> What do we need:
> -web space

If you wish to help doing the serbo-croatian translation of www.debian.org,
then your help will, I'm sure, be gratefully accepted.  You should make your
offer of help in that case to debian-www@lists.debian.org.

> -one original Debian Distribution

Well, as you know, Debian can be downloaded for free from the internet.  If
your bandwidth is not sufficient for that, many vendors sell Debian CDs for
only a few dollars over the cost of postage --- alternatively, it is
possible that a debian developer with a CD burner will offer to post you the
disks for only the cost of postage.  That would be an individual offer,
though, I can't promise it (I'd do it myself, but I don't have a CD burner).

> What are you getting for this:
> -Domain registration in Yugoslavia http:\\www.debian.org.yu
> -design an maintenance of site in Debian-Yugoslavia, with consulting of
> Debian Company

Well, we have a website; if you want to help with the translation of that,
as I said, I imagine your efforts will be appreciated.  I don't imagine the
Debian project is particularly interested in having a separate .yu site.

As for your consulting business --- well, good luck with it!  We all like to
see people able to make a business of of debian consulting, and many
developers do indeed make their money that way...

> -any translations English->Serbo-Croatian language for Debian Company
> -in a future maybe we can be resellers of Linux Debian distr inYugoslavia

Anyone can be a reseller of Debian,  you don't need permission for that.
Instructions on the best way to build CD images will be found at
http://cdimage.debian.org/ --- feel free to build, sell, market, advertise
as you wish...

I hope that clarifies the situtation somewhat.


Jules Bean
(Debian Developer, one of many..)

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