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Re: dualing banjos

"Keith G. Murphy" wrote:
> > A fellow mistakenly posted a request for sheet music to the
> > song "Duelling Banjos" to this list and it took off from
> > there.
> >
> > Probably doesn't make any sense to many non-native English
> > speakers or those from different cultures but it really is
> > hilarious.
> >
> The part that made it nice was that the OP mispelled "duelling" as
> "dualing", playing right into my hands.
> For the non-native English speakers:
> (1) There is an instrumental called "Duelling Banjos", featured in the
> movie "Deliverance".
> (2) This guy wanted the sheet music, mispelling it "Dualing".
> (3) "Duel" in English means "fight", but "dual" means "double", "twain",
> or "paired".

This 'mistake' just shows how peaceloving people the Linuxers are.
Instead of having innocent instruments executing violent acts against
each other, Linuxers have chosen co-operation by pairing them bloody
buckets of strings.   :) 
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